Epic Holiday Party Slots

There's no party like a Real-Time Gaming party because a Real-Time Gaming party never stops, and it is epic. This notion sums up its recently released title, Epic Holiday Party, a five-reel game with an outstanding 243 pay lines that are full of adult humor and a wicked Christmas spirit.

Real-Time Knows Its Craft

For more than twenty years, Real-Time Gaming continues developing stellar and original five-reel games that are bold, entertaining, and rewarding. Epic Holiday Party sums up all of these elements and more. The proud tradition of visual excellence is associated with Real-Time Gaming slot titles, but the graphics feature mature, adult characters and many winning characters. Epic Holiday Party is full of intricate bonus rounds and a soundtrack that is adjustable to suit a player's needs. It is also a flash engine product that preserves all of the visual details and goodness to give you a one-of-a-kind and original Christmas slot. So, are you going to play Epic Holiday Party straight online or offline on your chosen smart device?

Practice This Christmas Party

Epic Holiday Party offers many routine ways to win, but it is also a slot game to enjoy. Please take your time and ease your way into this intricate, adult-themed Christmas game by playing practice rounds to figure out how the game works.

An Ill-Humored Christmas Theme

We've been stating throughout the article that not only is Epic Holiday Party a Christmas-themed game, but it leans on the adult side. Think of it as a more tone Bad Santa slot game, but it has rewards and several winning avenues.

An Epic Game Design

Epic Holiday Party has epic bonuses, but it has essential game functions that lead to epic wins. Right in the eyes' view are the spin button to spin the reels as you please and an autoplay button that arranges the bets in a pre-arranged sequence. The pay line arrows and the coin buttons facilitate the ease and wonder of placing precise wages. The Epic Holiday Party info button unveils all of the naughty and nice game icons and their rewards. If you want to take control of the game's settings, the options button exists for this reason. Here, you can tweak the reel speed, the game sounds, and settings.

An Epic Variety Of Wins

Epic Holiday Party offers a multitude of ways to win. Players can spin the reels and make out like a bandit thanks to the 243 pay lines, or you can indulge in the bonus rounds, the numerous jackpots, and multi-level play that this game offers. We will discuss all of these features and more in this one-of-a-kind slot game.

The Pay Lines Are Rock Stars

Real-Time Gaming slots are known for their plentiful pay lines, but Epic Holiday Party takes this to newer heights. With the pay line arrows, players can tweak the fine game settings to suit their needs, thanks to the pay line buttons. Work your magic and gamble on all 243 pay lines, or take a more reserved approach and gamble on pay lines one to 242. If you want to inch and ease your way into this spectacle, you place bets on a single pay line.

An Epic Bet

Epic Holiday Party requires players to declare their bets. After fixing the pay lines, the next move is to arrange the coin bet. Epic Holiday Party recognizes bets beginning at one-cent, but it grows in nickel increments. It takes $20 to wager on all 243 pay lines.

You're Going To Love The Paytable

One push of the info button pops up a trove of epic characters and symbols. Remember. Epic Holiday Party is a multi-tiered game, so the level you are playing on determines the character's value. The regular sack is the wild symbol, and it doubles winning combinations as a standard wild symbol does, but this game also has a particular multiplying wild. It only lands on the third reel, and it leads to up to a five-times winning multiplier.

The Christmas tree represents Epic Holiday Party's scatter symbol, leading to the free spins bonus. We will discuss the free spins shortly. Meet the ill-humored Santa Claus, who pays between 30 to 500 credits, depending on the level you are on. The green-haired lady spices things up by paying out between 30 to 400 credits, while the orange lady shells out up to 200 credits. The same is true for the purple lady, but the brunette only rewards winning efforts up to 100 credits. The playing card numbers help make the season bright by shelling out 15 credits.

The Bonus Rounds Awaits

Epic Holiday Party features numerous bonus rounds. We begin with the upgradeable levels, which players can opt into by wagering a certain value amount. Epic Holiday Party features four jackpots, the mini, minor, major, and the grand jackpot. Each one hits when you reach a specified value. There is the standard free spins round, but this game doesn't feature a progressive jackpot. Remember. Four other outstanding bonuses ensure you are not missing out on anything.

An Epic Free Spins Round

A trio of Christmas trees punches your ticket into Epic Holiday Party's free spins round. You start off matters with twelve free spins, and you can earn additional free spins along the way.

A Stellar Return To Player

Epic Holiday Party follows the pattern of Real-Time Gaming titles where you can enjoy an unusually high return to player. Real-Time Gaming fully understands the risks each wager brings, but if you gamble enough times with Epic Holiday Party, those losses turn into eventual wins.

The Internet Loves This Game

The jury is out regarding Epic Holiday Party, and it is a smashing success. Epic Holiday Party hasn't been out long, but it continues garnering epic and rave reviews by slot reviewers.

Perhaps You Are The Next Epic Winner

Epic Holiday Party is available at many online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming slots. There are prominent online promotions to get you on the winning train. New players have the luxury of terrific welcome packages. It is customary to have two or three start-up packages for brand new players. Seasoned veterans can lean on matching bonuses and free spins bonuses to get going on the winning column. The internet continues to be a bastion for no deposit bonuses. So, please take some time to research these hidden gems.

An Epic Fun Experience

Epic Holiday Party is poised for epic wins, but you can still have an epic good time by playing the game. Remember. This title goes at your pace with practice play.

Time To Make An Epic Gamble

Epic Holiday Party doesn't hold back when it comes to the banking options. Visa and MasterCard continue to be the favorite options for quick and free access, but you are going to need the cashier's approval before using them. Bitcoin might be another option, but you must have a certified Bitcoin wallet to use it. Neteller and Skrill are the usual e-wallets.

An Epic Mobile Experience

Epic Holiday Party carries all the epic rewards and bonuses in the palm of your hand. It works seamlessly on Samsung and Apple devices and laptops.