Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots
If you are a seasoned casino player, you might be playing Cash Bandits 2, or perhaps even part 3, but this article is about paying homage to the first game that started it all, Cash Bandits. Real-Time Gaming unleashed the beast in the dynamic, five-reel slot game world with the return of the crime-laden theme game.

Real-Time Gaming Breaks All The Rules

Since the late 1990s, when it first came online, Real-Time Gaming has shocked and thrilled global players with its incomparable lineup of exhilarating slot games, but it reached its zenith with the release of Cash Bandits. The original Cash Bandits is a classic game now, but it continues to sum up all the elements that make Real-Time Gaming the heavyweight champion of slot games. This game features a bold and outlandish theme, such as the robber making his life's biggest score by breaking into the vault while staying ahead of the law. The original Cash Bandits is full of extreme bonus rounds and endless hours of fun. The flash engine still preserves all of these vital details so that you can play the game directly online or offline on your chosen smart device.

Practice Your Craft

Cash Bandits is waiting to avail its treasures, but that doesn't mean you rush into the fray half-cocked. Cash Bandits is ready to have players play practice play so you can get the feel of the game.

A True Cops And Robber Theme

Cash Bandits is a throwback to the glory days of cops and robbers. The hero is the master bank robber, while the determined cop wants nothing more than apprehending him. The first game occurs inside the bank, with the targeted bank vault the center of attention.

Marvel At The Game's Design

Cash Bandits has all the essential game functions to get the reels spinning in your favor. Speaking of spinning the reels, this begins with the manual spin, or the autoplay feature is you desire to let the computer handle this for you. The pay line arrows and the coin buttons permit players to plan the perfect heist by arranging special bets to their liking. The info button unveils all of Cash Bandits' goodies, while the options button fine-tunes the game settings to make your outing unforgettable.

Cash Bandits Is A Game Of Many Interests

Cash Bandits is not a one-trick pony. This exciting five-reel game offers several winning avenues. You can win spinning the reels during regular gameplay, or you can take advantage of the vaulted bonus rounds. We will discuss the Cash bandits bank vaults this in greater detail, but your success with the bank vaults determines the number of free spins. Cash Bandits also promotes a progressive jackpot that guarantees a good night's work.

Unlocking The Pay Lines

Cash Bandits comes with 25 pay lines. The pay line arrows make it possible for you to determine your bets on all 25 pay lines, a random number of pay lines, or a single pay line per spin.

The Thief's Choice

When you settle the pay lines, the next move to consider is the accurate coin value button. Cash Bandits accepts bets starting from a penny to other nickel increments. If you are planning the master heist, then the maximum bet is $6.25.

Unlocking The Pay Table

Cash Bandits is a bastion for several winning icons. We begin with the elusive bank vault that doubles winning combinations. The cops and robbers badge consists of the game's scatter icon. We will talk about this Cash Bandits feature in further detail. Going back to the bank vault, it rewards you up to 2,500 credits for all five of the vaults on the pay line. The bank shells out 1,500 credits when you fill an entire row. The determined cop stops at nothing to apprehend the robber, but he rewards your efforts with 1,250 credits, while the thief himself pays up to 800 credits. Other exhilarating objects in the game include the sports car, the siren, the money bag, the stack of money, the gun, the microphone, handcuffs, and doughnuts are all fan favorites.

The Bank Vault Awaits

Cash Bandits is unique from other slot games because it features an interactive bonus round with the bank vaults. A trio of the cops and robbers badge punches your ticket to the bank vault bonus rounds. Cash Bandits presents you with four bank vaults, and you must enter the correct codes on the keypad to unearth the free spins treasure. The faster you are in this endeavor, the greater the number of free spins you will have.

The Free Spins Are Vaulted

Based on how well you make out in the bank vault sequence determines the number of free spins. Cash Bandits offers up to 90 free spins with a 12 times winning multiplier.

Enjoy The Return To Player

Cash Bandits is full of cheer and rewards, but Real-Time Gaming understands that there is a risk anytime you place the bet. Cash Bandits boasts a high return to player in the upper ninety-percentile, so place your bets with peace of mind.

The Jury Is Out

Cash Bandits, the original, is still getting rave reviews throughout the internet. Even though there are two sequels, global players can't get enough of this original game. Many websites on the market still provide tips and details on how to win playing Cash Bandits.

The Stage Is Set For Your Big Victory

Cash Bandits is proudly hosted at many online casinos. These casinos provide several top tier promotions to get going. Newly registered players have access to generous welcome packages such as a mix of cashback bonuses and free spins. If you are a veteran member, you can indulge in cashback bonuses, free spins bonuses, and sizzling daily bonuses. Please don't pass up and ignore the numerous no deposit bonuses available throughout the internet. You might be amazed by what you'll find searching the internet for these bonuses.

Remember To Have Fun

While you might be roaring to go and play Cash Bandits, it might help if you remembered to have some fun with this game. Play all the practice rounds you need before gambling for real.

There Is Real Money At Stake

If you yearn to crack the safe and make out with the loot, then you have to place a real wager. It is common and typical for online casinos to have a variety of methods like Visa and MasterCard. These tried and true cards continue to process deposits instantly and free of charge, but the caveat is you must have the cashier's approval before using them. When you do get approval, you'll be able to use the debit card versions of these games.

Bitcoin might be a banking option. Bitcoin is easy to use. It is a purely digital currency, so it saves you paperwork and time. It would help if you researched finding the Bitcoin wallet that suits your needs and then install it on your chosen device. Other banking options might include Neteller and Skrill.

Take The Cash The Mobile Way

Cash Bandits also follows the proud tradition of Real-Time Gaming slots that permits players to play on all the major mobile platforms without missing a hitch.